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Wander Our World

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Take your young child on a global adventure with our award-winning Wander Our World App! Real world photos, cultural music, child narrated voice with country names for 180+ countries, and engaging graphics will fire your child’s imagination. Learn geography, travel the world, and share their wonder as they embark on journeys near and far with this amazing world map app.


“Amazing tool for geography beginners. My kids learned the location of all the countries in the world using this app. A+++ for not having any ads! I tell everyone I know about this.”


“The app covers more countries than other apps and programs – even textbooks. The music makes the product multi-sensory, which always helps in classroom environments. Also, the use of a child’s voice engages students more than an adults as peers are actually more influential than teachers or even parents.”


“Wander our World is so easy to use and was built on a simple enough platform that even my 4 year old could figure it out. It also offers short bits of music, which I find to be an important element of geography and culture.”


“I downloaded this app for my 5 year old grandson. I soon found my 9 and 14 years old granddaughters gathered around the computer and enjoying the interesting facts about every country. It is genius that they use a child’s voice to provide the teaching. The kids love learning and I found some facts that I certainly did not know. Every grandparent should have this downloaded on their computer for entertaining the grandkids.”

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