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Our Process

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Identify a Need

We believe geography education is compulsory and students should be exposed to other countries and cultures early on to help with critical thinking skills in other subject areas. With more Project and Problem Based Learning happening, making global connections is necessary!

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Choose a Program

We are flexible and can customize options that suit your location. Are you looking for an exciting adventure to tie into your current lesson plans? Does your PTA/PTO want to do something educational yet fun for your student body? We have options from Preschool through 8th grade.

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Set a Date

We come to your school. Field Trips outside of school are expensive and at times dangerous with little ones in big museums. No buses, no travel time wasted, no wandering around aimlessly looking for an educational experience.

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Become Hooked

We light the spark that makes your students want to learn more because we know how to make geography education fun. Don’t be surprised when your class suddenly can’t get enough learning about different countries!

Teacher, Chicago Public Schools

“What could be better than experiencing an educational, developmentally appropriate, hands-on, fun, and engaging field trip in the comfort of your own classroom? I highly recommend Wander Our World to supplement your curriculum. We left Tanzania anxious to “travel” again!”

School Services Department, Lurie’s Children’s Hospital

“Oh you were (okay, ARE!) wonderful! The feedback is uniformly positive and we’d love to have you back any time. Susan (our director) wandered in while you were working with the kids and commented on how focused everyone was. Impressive indeed! You very definitely provided a unique, high quality experience that was enjoyed by all.”

Director, Aristotle Preschool

“Footprints of the Mind exceeded my expectations! The geography enrichment camp offered our students ages 4 and 5 concrete experiences to learn about new cultures and they were able to “travel” the world without leaving the school!”

Jennifer S.
School Psychologist

“The in-school field trip was amazing! Irene and Kaprice did a wonderful job differentiating their curriculum to meet the needs of a class with students who have significant special needs. All of our students were engaged in the activities and loved the lesson. With visual, musical, and hands on aspects, all of the students’ needs were met. We can’t wait to have them back to travel to new destinations around the world!”