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Wander Our World (Grades K-3)

This highly requested program includes “traveling” to a different country each session. Interactive classroom teaching methods are reinforced by our Travel Trunk; our hands-on mobile museum of artifacts. Using visual, audio and tactile exercises to stimulate the senses, our goals are to enhance children’s abilities to retain what they learn and to develop a global outlook with a lifelong love for travel and cultural awareness.


Our classroom-based Wander Our World programs provide unique opportunities to expand learning while addressing the needs of the students and the classroom teacher. Our curriculum includes on key instructional components of the Illinois Social Studies Standards (effective January 27, 2016).

Educational Partnerships
Educational Partnerships


Students will cultivate civic responsibility, historical thinking, and geographic perspectives while becoming culturally aware of other countries in the world. Our well-rounded program includes the hands-on experience of our Travel Trunk of artifacts that are mostly sourced from the country of origin. Each country is taught as a one-hour, in depth program. Our Geo Agents will ensure a hands-on experience as they “travel” to the selected country within the walls of their classroom.


We are keenly aware that dedicated teachers are pulled in multiple directions over the course of their day. Our Geo Agents provide students with welcome support that encourages student achievement in social studies through our engaging and innovative Wander Our World programs. Studies show that children exposed to a series of different cultures are better able to make connections between people, places and things – this is the basic definition of geography that goes beyond learning the names of world capitals. Our comprehensive program also teaches children from a young age about respect and acceptance of all cultures and to embrace their differences and similarities.

Educational Partnerships
Educational Partnerships


Our most popular program is not a burden to the teachers. Footprints of the Mind provides all educational resources. Unlike other field trips, travel time and safety are not an issue as we bring the Wander Our World experience directly to the students.

Supported classroom strategies:

  • Establish basic geographic foundations
  • Apply foundational knowledge and utilize scientific inquiry process
  • Develop conclusions that inspire positive impacts on worldviews
  • Formulate viewpoints that assess real-world problems
  • Contribute to a deeper understanding of the student’s place in today’s world

Educational Partnership

Frequent Flyers


8 week, 45 min. sessions, twice weekly

Choose 15 countries

Jet Setters


6 week, 45 min. sessions, twice weekly

Choose 11 countries



4 week, 45 min. sessions, twice weekly

Choose 7 countries

*Please contact us for a weekly partnership option that is not listed.
**Session culminates in a final class called Geo Game Day.

Learn about our Travel Trunk and choose from our available countries!

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