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We provide In-School interactive continent workshops for your students! If you have a gym or multi-purpose room that we can use for the day, Footprints of the Mind can provide your students with a creative and educational field trip without leaving school. Interactive workshops are 45 minute – 1 hour programs where classrooms visit our onsite exhibit learning about culture and landmarks in a fun and engaging adventure.

Classrooms up to 35 kids at a time visit our onsite exhibit. Teachers choose one continent per scheduled day.

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In our experience, most students in Illinois only get to see Wisconsin, Michigan and sometimes Florida, and many don’t leave their communities let alone the state. If they read about the USA in books, they see pictures of the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and the Grand Canyon. Our country has a long list of amazing places. Let us take them on a trip around the United States using our giant floor puzzle for a day they won’t forget!

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“Africa is a country where there is a desert, there are animals you can see on safari, and where we found King Tut and the pyramids of Egypt.” Be honest, many children (and adults) have this myopic view of this beautiful continent. We beg to differ. Hospitable people, pink lakes, craters, and rainforests with species we have not yet discovered adorn this landscape. We will open their minds about Africa as far and wide as the horizon!

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There are many discoveries that have been made in Antarctica. Become a scientist as we travel through this cold climate learning which animals live here, how they survive, and if it is possible to find things millions of years old here. Environmental conservation, sustainability and being a good steward of the planet are important points made in this workshop!

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Asia heading

The continent of Asia is a mystery in so many ways. Come explore with us as we discover the countries, cultures, and treasures that are part of this amazing continent that stretches from the Middle East all the way to the Pacific Ocean! Cultural myths will be dispelled, while the importance of catastrophic/environmental events and technological advances in Asia have affected us.

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Oceania heading

What does Oceania mean? Where is it? What countries does it include? These questions and many more will be answered as you take an adventure Down Under exploring land and water, discovering the importance of the cultural and environmental characteristics of this far away region.

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Don’t miss out what makes Ultimate Europe one of the most traveled to destinations in the world! We follow some historic footsteps while learning what makes our relationship to Europe so special. Learn how interconnections between European communities have evolved and changed over time and influenced modern day culture.

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South America heading

When students hear “South America” they think of Brazil. Join us as we travel to other countries expanding upon students’ current experiences, exploring cultures, ancient ruins, water, animals and much more. This interactive journey shares with students the mystery and beauty of our southern neighbors while making the connection of what we do here in the USA matters to environmental conservation for the whole planet!

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