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Instructional Design and Lesson Planning for Global Competency

Instructional Design and Lesson Planning for Global Competency

Instructional design takes into consideration the environment, skills, motivation, and knowledge of learners in addition to the leadership and communications ability of the educator. Lesson planning is a step by step procedure devised to decrease the knowledge gap from not-knowing to knowing a specific task or information. Both definitions should answer the question “Why is this important?”.  The strategies of instructional design provide the basis for effectiveness of the lesson plan as it directly related to its audience of learners.

Where to start when incorporating instructional design?

Using instructional design during lesson planning helps in providing evidence of skills and strategies required to make a productive learning environment. Are your students travelers? Do you have mapophiles in your classroom? Are you students engaged when you discuss social issues? Are they new to idea of cultural awareness? Not having a well-defined problem through proper communication and direction may not be effective for the various learners in a classroom. A stand-alone lesson plan may or may not decrease the knowledge gap. If the educator has not assessed where the students are in their knowledge gap and have not considered their motivation for being present in the lesson, the likelihood of success is narrow.

How soon is too soon?

The Common Core State Standards do not address geography and world cultures until the 6th grade. But we don’t want 11 year olds starting middle school learning about the continents and oceans. In order to apply redefining tasks that require critical thinking skills, educators need to incorporate global education starting in preschool or Kindergarten.

Join our social media pages for the announcement of our lesson plans on global competency. We are so excited to move into this next phase and help those teachers around the world who have reached out to us asking for our programs to be available to them!

If you are interested in learning more about instructional design, check out this book:


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