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Answering the question about Common Core Standards

Answering the question about Common Core Standards

While reading the latest and greatest lesson plans and standards about the Common Core, I became interested in expanding on my original blog post regarding this issue.  We are often asked “What is the list of Common Core Standards that your program addresses?”

Let me start by saying this: There are no official Geography or Social Studies Common Core State Standards until the 6th grade.  CCSS for Social Studies, History, and Science are integrated in the K-5 reading standards.  It is up to the individual teacher to incorporate these valuable subjects in day-to-day thematic units.

Students are able to gain knowledge in geography and global awareness only if the curriculum is intentionally structured to include this kind of information.  By reading about and exploring geography and cultures a foundation of knowledge is built that can be repeated in all content areas of their education.

This is not uncommon!  We have requests from all over the country from teachers that want to expand on their lesson plans that include country-specific, global thematic units.  To these teachers, we are sending you a virtual high five for preparing your students for the “real world”.  Our In-school Field Trips provide an added bonus in engaging their young minds and scratch beyond the surface of topics already being covered in school – exactly what field trips are meant to do!