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She Loves Scary Bugs

She Loves Scary Bugs

Close your eyes and picture this:  The most angelic 4-year old face sitting cross-legged, intently listening to the story of a beautiful, migrating monarch butterfly.  With her curious, big, green eyes, she raises her hand and asks a question:  “Is it poisonous?” 

That question is a question she asked about nearly every bug or animal we talked about during her Wander Our World global adventures with Footprints of the Mind.  Her natural curiosity about creatures inspire us.  Our quest to find entomologists who can supply our Travel Trunk with specimens from around the globe has become a reality.

What do you think?  Cool?  Scary?  Icky?  We can’t wait to bring our new little buddy to class with us on our next adventure and watch the kids’ eyes grow wide with amazement. 

Share their story.

Share their curiosity.

Share us.

Kids that love scary bugs thank you.